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Agiou Dimitriou 41, 18546
Piraeus, Greece

GET TO KNOW USAbout Transeco.

Small or Large, Slow or Fast – We Move It!

At Transeco, we power your business forward. We specialize in tailor-made solutions through Combined Transport across Europe. No matter the size or speed of your cargo, we’ve got you covered. What sets us apart is our personalized approach to each client, guaranteeing swift and dependable solutions for all your loading, transportation, and delivery requirements.

TRANSECO SERVICESWe guarantee the fastest and the safest freight delivery worldwide. 

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Efficient Intermodal Cargo Delivery: At Transeco, we excel in efficient transportation of cargo through intermodal methods. We ensure swift global collection of your goods, guaranteeing secure and punctual delivery.

Less than Truck Load (LTL)

Part-Load Transportation with Environmental Impact: Our expertise lies in optimizing routes using various modes of transport to ensure a blend of reliability, speed, and security. Thanks to our carpooling model, LTL shipping is eco-friendly, reducing environmental impact.

Express - Courier Service

Swift and Secure Tailor-Made Delivery: With our Express-Courier Service, we prioritize prompt and secure delivery of your time-sensitive cargo. Our expertise lies in tailor-made routings to support customers in need of superfast and secure delivery. We employ eco-conscious practices and intermodal transportation to ensure operational efficiency.

Logistics Solutions

Efficiency and Automation at the Core of Our Operations: Our Logistics Solutions are designed around operational efficiency and automation. We maintain a vast warehouse network in Greece dedicated to expert inventory management, efficient cargo tracking, and streamlined operations. Our primary focus is on optimizing your logistics processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


TRANSECOEcological mindset

Global Emissions

The transport sector is the fastest-growing source of global emissions. Coupled with the ever endigly increasing need for transportation of goods through the world, the demand for change is necessary.

Environmental Sustainability

The paradox led to the founding of our company, which aims to expand by intergrating new ideas and processes, focusing on environmental sustainability practices, for more efficient services.

Zero Emission 

Our vision is to achive an effective transition to zero-emission transport system, with many benefits for our customers  and the environment and our hard-working team always strives towards that goal.

Intermodal Transportation

At Transeco, we harness the full potential of intermodal transport to deliver ecological benefits. By seamlessly integrating multiple transportation modes, we reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and environmental impact. This eco-conscious approach not only promotes sustainability but also minimizes traffic congestion and utilizes energy-efficient rail transport. We are committed to making the most of intermodal transport, offering a greener choice for businesses and the environment.

We care about our customers


Our fleet consists of:


  • Tractors (Euro 5/6)

Semi Trailers:

  • Hard-side Box (Mega & Standard)

  • Curtain-side Tautliners (Mega & Standard)

  • Trainable & Coil Tautliners (Mega & Standard) 

  • Containers (20”, 40” & 45”)

  • Tank Containers (20”)

Note: All our units are equipped with tracing technology offering real time positioning.

Customer Service

Our specialized team is:

  • Multilingual Team: Our team speaks Greek, English, Italian, and French.
  • 24/7 Availability: We’re operational every hour, every day, year-round.

We offer:

  • All-Risk Insurance: Your cargo is protected against unforeseen events. 

  • Tailor-Made Deliveries: We customize solutions to match your unique needs. 

  • Real-Time Tracking: Stay updated with advanced real-time cargo tracking technology.

  • Efficient Emergency Response: Rapidly address any unexpected situations.

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Agiou Dimitriou 41, P.O 18546
Piraeus, Greece

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